What I like about this table it is mostly the sound card hand that can record simultaneously 16 independent tracks in Cubase. After it works with the version of Cubase LE comes. Normal, this award, too The console is transparent but the poor quality pramplis as it introduces a lot of blows on the 8 amplified input! Must not ask too much, it’s not the mackie, yamaha, or ssl digidesign! With exprience, I’m happy with the hardware. Its fairly big so I only have referenced it when I needed it but, I was able to find answers to the problems I had. Unclear whether the console is transparent, it depends very much on the sound system on which the branch, microphones used, the quality of cables

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Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer | eBay

Premire is my console, I test other a bit more complicated such as Mackie and Yamaha The manual was ok. One to connect AUX returns, so everyone will have the same mix of return if zikos are demanding, it can be a problem But for concerts in places small about pers max is sufficient.

Recognized directly in Logic Pro or Garage Band. I only used them once before I solve my problem incompatible firewire card. Not rack 8 mic preamp, 8 stereo voice, 1 stereo main output, 1 stereo for voice transfer, the two outputs, headphone jack. However, I am particularly pleased and opportunities offered through the firewire interface.


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But for that price, I went around, there’s no better. What I like most: I use Cubase rVerb or TrueVerb firewier Waves where everything is customizable, it’s another planet, nothing to do with the integrated effects at the table!

Cubase and there are enough insert! I found a simple arch. I hear a slight hiss when all Knob snt thoroughly, but it’s very manageable.

SOUNDS Same happens when the console a bit of breath when you start bringing the gain and volume limit, but it is rare to get this, especially when there has been a battery or a guitar amp properly pushed. Our members also liked: I liked when testing the same phonic helixboard.

The knobs themselves are not as tight and solid feeling as the ones on my Mackie VLZ3, but they function properly.

Especially when one knows that other models from home with only Alesis Stereo main mix output comes with a version of Cubase LE, which has no limit of number track simultaneous recording. The use of the table is very simple! Or the quality of my new firewire cable.

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Besides that, it is very quiet. Despite its fragile appearance, she holding up, surprisingly. For integrated effects in the table: Regarding the connection with the PC when the drivers are installed it lighter and is recognized instantly in cubase The manual is in English, just a quick start guide in French that it is always advisable to read but is trs brief 5 direwire small, not really saturated info.


I assume there are some rack ears built to hold this. No adjustment gains for stereo voice. The usual functions are obvious, it is again in a serious problem not to find them! Note that even sound: But hey, when no PC side, it’s better than nothing.

multi,ix Some effects are pretty good, but besides Reverb, I don’t think I will ever really use any of them. And then I passed Windows 7 and there is no problem. Alesis makes a good reverb for the price.

Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer

Choice I do it again without a doubt, this is an excellent value for money, shame Alesis no longer offers this model. There are 2 sends and 2 returns. I have found no other solution than to insert a small external firweire rack so that they have the compression and reverb on their voices in their returns.

I discovered this table via a musician friend who has the same USB-2 release.