Thank you so much for this solution you are a very good man. Ariel said, Thanks, Ben!!! It just gets stuck at the step where you plug in the printer. This worked for me as well. Hi All, This linked worked great for my Windows. I am so thankful for this post.

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Arjen in Perth belkni, great hero thank you so much. I will not buy Belkin again. This worked great two days ago. After a quick reboot I plugged in my Belking F5U adaptor and it was detected! But as I have found, they run a model like cell phones, just produce a newer model and let the old lay to rest.

Belkin F5U USB to Serial adapter driver for Windows 7 – Microsoft Community

Hence I did a lot of searching for that particular chip in googleall with no luck. Thank you for your efforts, I was a bit sad panda until I found this, wanted it for tuning with older ecus.

Awesome — worked like a charm. Seriql a number of years my old Windows Vista 32 bit installation was a little worse for ware. George V said, Thanks mate! I praise you for your stuburnish ways and thankyou a thousand fold, take care.


Formula said, Thank you so much! Im after the driver for a 32bit Windows 7. Raza said, Very useful blog, after reading I found this web link to download windows 8 driver. Ben’s guide to making your site show up in Google SEO said. Roscoe said, Much appreciated. Mike said, Thank you so much for figuring this out. Thanks for this tip! Yves said, Already an owner of Belkin F5U since many years but needed to buy another adapter for the work.

You are the best. You are awesome Thank You. Works with my F5U Bob said, Good job!

Thank you so much! Xonverter Ben for working out the issue. Your research and the MCT solution worked beautifully. I bought this unit years ago to use on my xp laptop.

Belkin USB 9 Pin Serial Adapter Portable Cable N10117 F5u409

Hi All, This linked worked great for my Windows. I thought, why surely there is a driver for this, compared to a Prolific adapter I have. Sonnox said, We have a seriak that will only work with serial ports and we have been advising customers to get adaptors like the belkin USBtoserial to get around the problem of not having COM ports on new PCs and also because Belkin advertised the adaptor have lifetime warranty this gives the customers some comfort in using them.


Too often corporate greed drives perfectly good technology convsrter obsolescence and by extension the landfill. Besides, the Staple driver also works well with the Belkin F5U I suggested that they put that on their website.

Ruth said, Thank you for posting this! I had previously found a website where someone had pulled the adaptor apart to determine if the chipset was an FTDI chipset.

I called the number and was sent to India for support.

I have the Belkin usb to serial f5u