I do actually have the linux-firmware-nonfree package installed. All the muxes are found without any issues. Initialized Em28xx Audio Extension extension [ In the end it didn’t help me list all the frontends, but switching to DVB-T is a nice byproduct. The device now works with fine with Kaffeine , but not with Me TV..

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Country alpha2 being used: DRXK driver version 0.

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[linux-dvb] Anatomy of the TerraTec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD stick

Use this to switch back to DVB-C or just un- and replug the receiver. Normally is should work with Ubuntu Try the latest master build instead of the beta – it’s pretty stable, many of us are using it daily.

DVB interface 0 found: The device now works with fine with Kaffeinebut not with Me TV. I just open the config, select the TV adapter. I hope anyone has an idea.


Start scanning for channels and when it’s done, move them to the other hyc column. Welcome to Ask Ubuntu anon! It in list select automatic search. I’m more familiar with T and S, to a lesser extent. It works but its not perfect, because I always have to do this operation everytime I restart my computer or plug the USB stick again once it has been removed.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Vinergy linux-firmware-nonfree ist schon die neueste Version.

[linux-dvb] Anatomy of the TerraTec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD stick

Copyright C Markus Rechberger Nov 14 If you’re not getting it initialised properly lsusb will show it, lsmod grep linkx won’t then try to manually load em28xx with modprobe. OK, sorry for this extreme short answer. Copyright C Mauro Carvalho Chehab [ Regulatory domain changed to country: Hi, I now have the deb-package installed.

Default and alternate sample rates are the same. I appreciate any help.

I am located in Munich, Germany. Successfully loaded em28xx-dvb [ Successfully loaded em28xx-dvb Nov 14 I downloaded the file and copied it to both of those directories.


cniergy It looks like it uses em28xx as the tuner module, so you should see that loading or not ; messages like: Cinegy also already tried the unstable channel of tvheadend.

However, it’s no longer necessary to re-name and copy once afgain the files in the described folders as explained above. Initialized Em28xx Input Extension extension [ No such file or directory [ However, your device is not quite so new and may work.