Next you will have to change the password in the mythweb-htaccess. Also, my Logitech fusion webcam is no longer recognized under multimedia selector. Then open up a browser and go to http: However it told us that it needs the usb2. Otherwise you get a useless error message about authentication failed.

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Manual recording with FusionHDTV allows you to capture either the current channel you are watching or the entire stream that the station is broadcasting.

Also, my Logitech fusion fusiobhdtv is no longer recognized under multimedia selector. In a terminal see if your daily cron job works now:. Overlay on TV-Out stretched. I ended up with the kernel 2.

As soon as you have rebooted open a terminal and type dmesg to see that the PCI portion at least has been detected. From what I have seen on my brief search it should work out of the box. If you have come this far then your remote is working like a charm.

I did try xine but it failed to play a Divx 5 film that i had. So go into the folder “Setup” and run the setup.


High-definition TV tuners: FusionHDTV DVB-T Plus, USB DVB-T

I assume you have it turned off after the SONY fiasco, right? Join Date Aug Beans This proves the remote is working. This has been my biggest challenge. If you don’t get dots or other symbols are showing up then you either have a driver problem or are using the wrong input.

July 31st, 4. August 3rd, This depends on your system, so you may want to increase or decrease this and see what happens. Both are capable of displaying high-definition channels, and both come with DVICO’s FusionHDTV software interface, which is very simple to use and supports time-shifting, instant replay and scheduled recording.

DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital Installation

Edgy will prompt you to install updates as soon as its loaded. As well as MeTv Kaffeine is worth trying too as its easy to configure and to scan for channels with. August 3rd, 8. What you really want fusioonhdtv something that produces binary gibberish when you press a button:.

My personal preference is to head over to http: So I can use the browser on the monitor and watch TV. There is also no user feedback on still shot capture.


Dvico FusionHDTV USB DVB-T – PC Components – TV Tuners – PC World Australia

So there you have it, USB second tuner fully loaded and the remote is fusionhdtg working too. Then open up a browser and go to http: Do let us know if you need any further assistance, we’ll be glad to assist you. Haven’t figured out the EPG.

In this dmesg you can see that it found our firmware that we downloaded and changed our USB from a cold state to a warm state. You actually have to choose antenna for the OTA over the air digital channels, you fusiinhdtv the OTA analog channels too, but not fsionhdtv the cable channels obviously.

Thats it for the MythBox. I have completely rebuilt my machine as windows 8 not 8. A very simple solution is to look at its name in dmesg:.