Post your own comments, questions or hints here. You can now download it and receive updates easily. One such client is GfxTablet, available for Android devices. It doesn’t show up in Gimp at all. Apparently doesn’t agree with xfinput-evdev-git.

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It will eventually be paid, but with source code freely available; for now it is free as it’s not yet battle-tested if you get it now you’ll retain access when I turn on pricing in the Windows Store; I am more interested in how a paid-but-still-open-source app performs than turning a profit. Keep in mind it’s targeting Windows users, so I don’t expect anyone with a religious Free-Software-only bent I don’t mean that in a negative light btw to wish to use it!

The settings dialog inside the app where you enter your desktop PCs IP address. I’m using a hp sleekbook 6 on Windows 8 how can I install. Requires running the uinput driver on your PC see website for details. The windows driver is just simulating mouse movements and mouse clicks, so running gfxtablet on the tablet and the windows driver, moving your finger around on the tablet should move the mouse cursor around on the computer where the windows driver is running.

Garbled interface text in gimp-user. My windows driver does the same as the original GfxTablet X-Window driver – it injects mouse move and click events, not more not less okay less in terms of pressure information because windows does not support user mode applications to send pressure informations.

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But instead have built two binaries, one working like the original, and another one, which ignores the normal touch events for mouse clicks, but instead uses pressure information to enable touch moves to just move the mouse while pressing harder with the finger sends the mouse down information so it starts drawing.


SuperFreezZ Entirely freeze all background activities of apps.

It was probably not loading at all because I think I built that evdev package against an old X abi. I’m trying to get this working on Arch and have the gfxtablet-git AUR package installed and my user in the uinput group.

Last week we released the first prototype of our android app that allows you to use your android device as a gfxgablet tablet to work in GIMP and other programs. We fixed some bugs, and it is now no longer important in which order you start app and driver.

A review of the new features! There is an server component driver that someone made for Windows, but it’s not very stable and hasn’t seen an official release.

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Navigate the DesktopPC display by hovering it with your Stylus Pen Switch to StylusPen only painting no interruption by your touching the device with your hand Display mapping your device’ screen will be scaled to map your Desktop PC resolution Native full-screen drawing mode Enhanced grid on your canvas to help with positioning Load an image template to your canvas to learn drawing!

The app and driver have been updated. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Comments Post your own comments, questions or hints here. GfxTablet makes it possible to use your device especially tablets like a graphics tablet, sending touch data including pressure! Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. Submit a new link.


It’s not a free software license, I’ve tried to have it grant much liberty anyway however.

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Thank you for creating this Windows driver, Christoph I still cannot test it myself, but I will point people to it when they ask for a windows support! Works with the regular repo version. We were really happy to have made gffxtablet that is so appreciated by the community all around the world.

Thank you thank you thank you Galaxy Note 2 with Pen. Yeah it doesn’t seem to do anything with xfinput-evdev-git package.

Android application : GfxTablet+

I’ve installed vs and the WDK windows driver kit to target windows vista and above and have found that it is necessary to implement an HID device driver mimicking an tablet digitizer. Which one depends just on your preference, but both should gfxtalbet mose movements. But as I don’t own gfxtxblet real pressure sensitive device like a pressure pen or the Galaxy Note, I am currently limited to the finger press pressure value which is pretty hard to control.

Download latest stable GIMP: Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. Use an Android or Windows tablet as a graphics stylus for your Linux computer self.