Repeat step 6, and the video should now work! Remember to choose proper input device in gnome-volume-control b Analog Mono for mic to work. If you are having compilation, installation, or usage problems, we’ll need at least the following information to be able to help you:. Do make then make install. Quickcam Chat I don’t still have the other pages, they were various and sundry but one, I remember, was the Camteam, which is a Logitech support site. Your feedback is always welcome!

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I chaf had a good run at trying to get a Logitech QuickCam Chat to work, with partial success. Hello, May I ask. Then, when you launch cheese, it recognizes and correctly uses the webcam.

No video in Skype 8.11 on Ubuntu 14.04

There are one of two ways you should be able to test: Pedro Villavicencio pedro on This bug is still present. As an added thought, the new v8. The best read, “most efficient” way to contact the developers is to email the qce-ga-discussion mailing list list with details of the problem you are experiencing. Same ID as previous entry, but since name on the box is different, I’m adding it here.


Getting a Webcam/Logictech Quick Cam to work with Skype in Linux

Ubuntu Hoary doesn’t autodetect, but I have got the camera working by doing the steps listed here. Thank you for the post. November 18th, 3.

Thanks again, Demas http: Hi, this is what I got Unfortunately, these properties are set on-the-fly, and they’re lost when I detach the camera. Test the audio by using the Skype Test Call.

Just need a program like Camorama etc. So this issue has been fixed already and the only remaining thing to get this bug closed is to apply the patch Simon Munton suggested. Is there any known workaround to let quickcam express appear as a v4l device in hal, until the bug is fixed?

It looks like I still have some webcam issues although I think I’ve made some progress thanks to linux23dragon. Perhaps following this route might at least get you a basic picture to work with at some point along the route.

Requires updated uvcvideo driver, easy to get from http: Dear Sebastian, you’re definitely right. Possibility is that Microsoft has not added support for different web cams to Skype. How satisfied are you with this reply?


Logitech Webcam Support

Which informations do I need to give? I’ve reported this issue at the qce-ga bugtracker, the project that is responsible for this driver. QuickCam Express” “work” – Cheese now finds it, even though camorama was working with it just fine. Comment on this change optional.

My computer wasn’t seeing my webcam at all after the upgrade but we were able to install the correct drivers for the logitech quickcam chat.

The example shown above is for the 32 bit Ubuntu version. The following steps have netted me a picture of sorts in Ekiga and Cheese, but the camera is still not working correctly under Hardy although it works just fine under WinXP SP3, as you’d expect with the original drivers.

I am having similar issues. This happens the be the correct path for 32 bit Ubuntu Skype quality though is unusable.