This just worked for me. It didn’t work for me until i uninstalled all the monitors. Only the client user will be able to input data. Hi This is a great fix. You my friend are a life saver!!! Worked like a charm!

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Go ahead and close the Computer Managment window.

In the past, dpmx recommended solution of uninstalling the monitor, then scanning for hardware changes, logging out, logging back in and installing the dpms worked. I have a problem because when I try to blank the host computer’s screen I get a message saying that logmein could not install the DPMS-enabled monitor driver. Somewhere else someone posted this solution that works for me: For whatever reason if you have a bad monitor driver installed it won’t update it correctly, but removing the monitor in device manager did the trick for me.


LogMeIn Can’t install DPMS enabled monitor driver – Fix – Brian Seekford

Only the client user will be able to input data. Now just log in with logkein remote client again I used my iphone and go to the connection settings and set it to blank the screen. Insatll realise this was over a year ago I was actually on the phone to logmein support when I came across this fix.


Worked like a charm! I was left on hold for at least 10 minutes and I had to hang up. Then scan for new hardware.

Cannot install DPMS-enabled monitor driver – can I – LogMeIn Community

I’m having the same problem and the fix suggested here does not work. Just to expand a bit, I had my monitor which was dpms enabled and was working fine for the past 2 years. Cannot install DPMS-enabled monitor spms – c Host Preference Packages allow you to define and deploy preferences and security settings to Windows hosts in your LogMeIn account.

This is a big problem!! I tried reinstalling the driver of the new monitor only but it didn’t work!

Worked like a charm. It didn’t work for me until i uninstalled all the monitors. This just worked for me. Getting started Community guidelines. Anyone at the host device will see a blank screen on the physical monitor while the remote session is active.

LogMeIn Can’t install DPMS enabled monitor driver – Fix

It should prompt again to install the DPMS drivers, and for oogmein at least the installation worked this time. Log out and back in.


It has been suggested that I contact the OEM and add the device to the device manager manually but is this something I can do online? What I did was right-click the Computer shortcut and choose Manage.

How to install DPMS driver?

LogMeIn will prompt you to send your saved Windows credentials with a single click. It should find and add your monitors again. Force the host’s operating system to lock when the client disconnects during remote control. Go to Device Manager, expand the Monitors tree. Any help would be much appreciated! Right click, hit uninstall.

Just uninstall each monitor, even if it says DPMS next to it. Prevent dpks from dragging and dropping files between host and client. That is, the actions of the person running the remote control session will be processed before the actions of the person sitting at the computer being controlled. Now I can blank the host screen remotely.